From: Richard Webb on
On Mon 2038-Feb-08 10:42, George writes:

> As I get further along in owning a sound company I have come to
> understand that some work is just not going to end up right in
> the long run here is a job I have done 3 or 4 times , The
> promoter told me he was cutting his budget in half so I asked
> him to look for another supplier here is the letter

That's a good one for that, and what I often try to do when
somebody's budget isn't in line with my reality. OFtentimes though it's handled over the phone, because they call me to
"kick tires" and usually I ask first what kind of budget
they have for services such as I offer.

What gets me are the guys who want to record the $250 demo
from either the gig or in their garage. When I tell them
that within 100 miles of me it's a flat day rate of $1200 to even talk about it. the conversation usually ends right there <g>.

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