From: mzudemkay on

I'm having the same problem as posted above. i tried the msconfig
solution but couldn't find NoSimpleStartMenu. I then downloaded the undo
.reg file from kelly's corner but I'm having difficulties executing it.
After saving it to my desktop as noted, proceeded to double-click the
file. It automatically opens with notepad. How can I solve this problem
and execute the commands?

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From: tomshelley on

- Start -> Run -> RegEdit
- Place selection focus to the very top of the tree view on the left.
- Click File -> Import
- Select and Import the REG file you downloaded to resolve the
- You should be prompted with a message indicating success

If you cannot open RegEdit or message indicates something other than
success; there is a chance you do not have the required privileges to
make the changes. You would then either be stuck with Classic view or
be forced to deal with your IT department or Help Desk; good luck.

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From: baymace on

Hi all!

I tried the suggestions given here, but I still can't get it to work.
Can someone explain what "2.Place selection focus to the very top of the
tree view on the left." means exactly? I downloaded the file and
imported it, but I don't think I imported it into the correct area.

BTW: My computer is a home PC.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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