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thanks hijinx :)
i put the needed files on a cd
started in safe mode , installed stupid IE8, and BOOM
activation worked.

cheers Bernie (australia)
hijinx12;4582514 Wrote:
> I beat my head against a wall trying to figure this one out but finally
> did so I wanted to share with everyone because I couldn't find an answer
> anywhere.
> 1. Boot into safe mode (NOT w/ networking).
> 2. Install Internet Explorer 8. It will allow you to do this in safe
> mode.
> 3. After IE8 install, restart Windows to normal mode and activation
> window will appear as it should.
> This worked for me. I was stuck in a loop until I tried this.

Bernie Ramone
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From: Pub_Dog on

Hello people.

I have experienced this after a repair of XP.

I have tried to run an install of IE8 in safe mode but get "program too
big to fit in memory" error.

What files are needed on the install media, I downloaded
ie8-windowsxp-x86-ENU.exe from MS which when run gives the above error.
Can I place files on the USB stick which allows the "install programs "
through Control Panel to run?

Appreciate any replies.


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