From: Koffe on

Strangly i have the same problem!

New server, new install of Win 2003 64-bit R2.

I try to ad the serverrolle Aplication server
The installation stops and asks for iisback.vbs, Its not included in the
i386 folder.

Older 32 bit Installation folder have (I386) iisback.vbs this doesent work

Have you fond a solution? I am thinking this is a Bug from MS.

"Just Askin" wrote:

> I'm trying to install iis using Windows Server Standar 2003 R2 64-bit. Add /
> Remove components, Application Server.
> The install is prompting for IISBack.vbs from the setup media. The only
> instance I can find is iisback.vb_ in the AMD64 directory on the install disk
> 1.
> Could that be the correct file even though it's in the AMD 64 directory?
> I did install SP2 and Windows Updates prior to the IIS install.
> Thx.