From: Ken Schaefer on
If that folder is part of a website, then you can upload whatever content
you like.

I also forgot to mention that IIS has BITS support as well. BITS can be used
to upload/download files from websites.
And there is RPC over HTTP proxy component that you can install, and write
your own COM component to allow upload of data and write that data to
wherever you want.

So, there are plenty of options :-)

Even SMTP service could be used - files will end up in a single folder in on
the server and you write your own service to move those files elsewhere :-)



"John Elliot" <johne(a)> wrote in message
> Ken,
> AFAIK, WebDAV is only for updating the web contents, such as .HTM, .ASP
> files. Does it allow uploading files to a regular folder?
> JE.
>> Actually IIS supports WebDAV, which allows PUT command, which can write
>> files to a server.
>> IIS also has FTP service :-)
>> Cheers
>> Ken