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I've two server where there're configure 15 hosts, each one respoding on
a virtual IP loaded on loopback NIC.

Now on one server I've added for each website a second IP, common for
all, where listen and I've specified the HostHeader value.

On second server I'm trying to do the same thing but every time I get a
problem described as:

Cannot register the URL prefix 'http://MF:80:' for site
'15'. The IP address for the site is not in the HTTP.sys IP listen list.
The site has been deactivated. The data field contains the error number.

In fact I've verified that on this system all IPs are present in the
output of 'httpcfg query iplisten'. So I've done the command 'httpcfg
set iplisten -i' with success but starting the website
cause always the same error.

I've googled online. There're some related notes that specifying IPs in
HTTP.sys is needed if you use WMS server. This server is running WMS on

Ok for a test I try to get website listeing on where
there's no WMS binding. I've added IP using httpcfg but I get the same
error. Also changing website to listen only on this IP disregarding the
old one cause again the same error.

Do you have any hint?