From: John Smith on

We have a custom isapi filter on our Exchange 2007 server.
It handles 2 events: OnPreprocHeaders and OnAuthentication.

What I want to do is when a session times out redirect the users request
to the logoff page.
This works on Firefox but in IE8 I sometimes get the following error:

"Outlook Web Access encountered an unexpected error and was unable to
handle your request."

This error happens when the redirected url has this pattern
"/owa/ev.owa" (for example "/owa/ev.owa?oeh=1&ns=msglistview&ev=refresh").

Has anyone done this kind of redirection on Exchange?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

p.s. The code doing the redirection is like this:

pHeaderInfo->SetHeader(pCtxt->m_pFC, "url", "/owa/auth