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Brian Gregory [UK] wrote:
> In this case the key and the lock were both made my Microsoft.

Your hardware was all made by Microsoft?

I once had a Microsoft sound device - but pretty sure they dropped out of
that arena.

After all - the crux of your issue is the older/slower hardware - you quoted
it yourself... In case you forgot:

"In some computers, especially older systems and those with slower
peripherals, it may be necessary to delay the loading of a specific Windows
service for the computer to boot properly."

You are asking someone to take into account things that they cannot control
nor can they likely quantify.

I know - you want to be right. You want a singular entity to blame - but
the fact is - there isn't one. Life is not that simple. It is not possible
to take into account every possible scenario someone might do something
in/might utilize something in/etc. The combinations and possibilities are

No one could take into account every computer peripheral, processor, memory
chip, sound device, video device, chipset, etc and makse sure everything
they did works with all of them the way *you* think they should. This is
why the hardware vendors are generally responsible for their own device
support, the software vendors for theirs, etc. Just because you had a 486
50MHz computer you thought you could run some newer OS on - doesn't mean it
should work. ;-)

Shenan Stanley
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