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"Ben Myers" <ben_myers(a)> wrote in message
> On 6/23/2010 9:34 PM, Pat Conover wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I need to return my nephews Inspiron 1525 for repair after he dropped it
>> pretty badly. The back hinge and screen surround are broken.
>> Surprisingly
>> it still ran and he used it that way for over a year (didn't want to tell
>> dad) until today, when a screw fell out and the lid won't stay open.
>> Three
>> year Complete Care was worth it!
>> Anyway Dell tech says I don't need to remove anything from the laptop. I
>> always thought you were supposed to remove the HD and battery. Yes or
>> No?
>> Anything else before I ship it back for repair. Thanks, Pat
> Remove hard drive and battery, no matter what Dell minions tell you... Ben
> Myers

Minions, haven't heard that in a while...Ben

Er Um, while rushing to get it to the local FedEx depot that closes at 4PM
on Friday, I forgot to include the power brick, which I read about when I
returned of course. I kept the HD and battery on purpose and the power
brick by mistake. Anyway, I would assume Dell repair would have a Inspirion
1525 power brick or two laying around. Think I'll be okay, or will this
delay the repair? I guess Dell could always get one on EBay :)

So it shipped Friday 6/26, I will post back on the time to repair, and
return. And yes, Tony, I am one of those Dell Bots! Just had very good
luck with my Dells, and all the great Free Tech Support from the folks here!
Typing this on my Dim 9150 that William and Chris helped me fix a couple
months ago, with a $5 CMOS battery, and cleaning the memory slots. Thanks,