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Brian Smith <dcg_brian(a)> typed:
> Last night I installed IE8 (no problems) while I was
> running XP SP2. I then discovered that SP2 support is done
> next month so I decided to install SP3. No matter what I do
> I cannot get it to install. I keep getting the error
> "Access Denied." I've tried literally every suggestion
> Microsoft offers on
> Now I'm wondering if IE8 is the issue. In other words, can
> you even install SP3 after you install IE8? Any suggestions
> would be most welcome as I'm at a loss of what to do.
> Thanks.
> Brian

Brian, here are 3 links that might help you, the last one in partcular. Most
people, after reading these, are able to install SP3 successfully. Be sure
to read t he whole article:

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requrements:

The most important one is Steps to take before you install Windows XP
Service Pack 3: