From: Bons on
I never had this problem when I had my old PCs and used regular
keyboards....but since I got my laptop I am apparently hitting odd keyboard
shortcuts and it does strange things I don't want it to. SO.....I would like
to delete all of the shortcuts I DON'T use and only keep the ones I there an easy way to do that in Vista and/or OL 2007???? For
instance, the other day I was creating a fairly lengthy email, and all of a
sudden it just Sent! I wasn't had to then send an apology
email with the rest of my thoughts..... VERY FRUSTRATING..... I am sure I
hit some sort of consecutive keyboard stuff which told the 'puter to send
it....but didn't mean to. There are certain shortcuts I use all the time, so
don't want to disable all of them.....just all of the ones I don't use.
Thanks for any input any of you can give on this!!