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I am having the same problem but I do not have another machine to copy
L3codeca.acm. Any other way to fix this?

"US Tech 1932" wrote:

> If you review the names / dates of the files updated by the patch, most
> likely you will find that one or both did not get updated properly.
> From TechNet Article:
> 'MS10-026: Vulnerability in Microsoft MPEG Layer-3 codec could
> allow remote code execution' (
> Windows 2000 file information
> For all supported editions of Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
> Collapse this tableExpand this tableFile name File version File size
> Date Time Platform
> 143,422 21-Jan-2010 19:46 Not Applicable
> L3codeca.acm 307,260 21-Jan-2010 19:48 Not Applicable
> On the few machines that I was seeing this issue on, L3codeca.acm, in
> %WINDIR%\System32 was not updated, even though the patch reported as
> successfully installed.
> Suggestion would be to manually copy L3codeca.acm from a different
> machine and replace on the problem machine.
> This process resolved the issue for me.
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Windows Update extracts the files that are part of the patch here:
%WINDIR%\SoftwareDistribution\Download\{long series of numbers and
letters}\{Sub Folders} (Don't have exact folder name for this patch)

Search for "L3codeca.acm" there.

US Tech 1932
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From: Seanie on

Install Media Player Nine and its subsequent updates. 977816 will then
detect correctly. I bet this issue only is occuring with machines still at
media player version 6.4.

"Grant Lui" wrote:

> Hi, I have a W2K server with auto update setup.
> The thing is that, few days ago it downloaded a bunch of updates, including
> KB977816 and installed all of them. It is however, according to "add/remove
> programs", the KB977816 has been installed, but auto update keeps notifying
> that the update is ready to install. When ever I let auto update installs it,
> it just shows update was successful, no error. But less then a minute later,
> the auto update notify the KB977816 is ready for install again.
> Tried restart many times, did not help, tried stopping auto update service
> and starting it again, did not help....
> I know it's already installed, and I just want to get rid of that auto
> update notification coz it's really annoying....
> Any ideas?
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