From: LRESA500 on
I received a Kodak 5250 printer for Xmas. It was a lemon so Kodak sent
me a new one.
The setup went well and it seems to be performing OK. A disc was
included called
"Kodal AiO Home Center" software. Whenever I open this software I get
the following error message:

X There is a system error at runtime. (8193)

Kodak suggested it might be my backup program...but I don't have one.
They suggested I remove and re-install Sp-2, but that was ineffective.
A Registry Mechanic Scan did not get rid of it. I've been pretty much
ignoring the problem since it does not seem to affect the way the
printer works. But it's not supposed to be there and I'd like to get
the mystery solved.
This model is not a great, fancy printer but it is good on ink.
Kodak does not know how to fix the problem yet. If anyone here has any
clues please advise.