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>>tony cooper wrote:
>>> I bought some lens caps, rear lens caps, and screw-in lens hoods from
>>> them. Prices were reasonable, service was fast, and the products work
>>> just fine.
>>It's best to avoid the screw-on lens hoods if possible.

> Why? The reason I purchased screw-on soft rubber lens hoods is
> because the damn rigid Nikon fit-ons are a PIA to keep on the camera.
> The rubber screw-ons fold back and act as a bumper to protect the lens
> from banging against things. The camera fits in my top-load
> holster-style bag without removing the hood, and my other lens fits in
> its pouch without removing the hood. The hood is rolled back 90% of
> the time.

> I use their 3-in-1 hoods and love 'em.

By 3-in-1 you mean the collapsible rubber hood that goes from wide
angle to telephoto? Unbeatable on a general zoom! Zoom the lens and
zoom the hood! And not only a very useful accidental impact shock
absorber, but lets you push it right into glass panes to stop
reflections. Especially train, bus, or car windows, because it soaks
up the vibrations.

Very high on my list of the best value for money photographic
accessories I've got!

Chris Malcolm