From: realto on
Brampton's Lew Pitcher, a Cobol programmer let go after 25 years at
the TDBank, writes:

>Last October, I legitimately leased the "" domain name from CIRA
>(the Canadian Internet Registration Authority). The previous lessor of the
>domain name had terminated ownership a month before,

You are a liar. Please show us evidence that the "previous lessor",
Realto Margarino, "terminated ownership."

But you can't because he didn't. Realto did not receive a notice
from the registrar that the fees which he had paid for seven
consecutive prior years were due. The renewal was overlooked.

While stalking Mr. Margarino you discovered that his domain, had accidently not been renewed so, like a coward, you

You then crowed about this gutless tactic on alt.os.linux.slackware as
if you had done something clever and you were roundly booed. (You did
receive support from Dan C, which speaks for itself)

The evidence is all right there on alt.os.linux.slackware. You even
admitted you did it simply to annoy Mr. Margarino, no doubt seeking
notoriety by annoying one of the groups longest standing contributors.

You are a liar and you are a coward.

You are a deceitful little domain thief.

Your prize is essentially worthless, however, because of the presence
of, a legitimate use of the justlinux name. Your
website is simply a bunch of links to common sites that everyone
already knows about and you only put it together when it was pointed
out that you weren't even using the name after you stole it.

Documented fact.

You pounced. You are a coward and a liar and this is well
documented. And it will remain well-documented in every newsgroup and
forum in which you post, because we don't want to see it happen to

You simply can't be trusted.

Documented fact.


You stalked a poster who had never had any communication with you.

Documented fact.

You pounced on a domain name because you knew the renewal had been
overlooked, simply to annoy that poster.

Documented fact.

You didn't even use the domain until you were humiliated into doing

Documented fact.

Your use of the domain is just more links - mere noise.

Documented fact.

Now you can put up aliases and spoofs in each group and try to fool
some folks into thinking you are reasonable.

But you are:

1. a liar,
2. a stalker,
3. a domain thief,
4. a COBOL programmer.

Documented facts.

And these facts will remain documented as long as
alt.os.linux.slackware usenet postings are available to anyone on the

These facts will remain documented in every forum in which you
participate because it is in the public's interest
that you are exposed for what you are.

Now go back to pretending to be reasonable. If you want to "complain"
to somebody about easily proven statements, you are welcome to do so.
If you are upset that we have described your behaviour and brought
your pathetic actions to the attention of others, then you only have
yourself to blame.

cordially, as always,

From: SINNER on
* realto wrote in comp.os.linux.setup:

> You are a liar. Please show us evidence that the "previous lessor",
> Realto Margarino, "terminated ownership."

by not paying, you terminated ownership. Do you blame the bank when you
dont get your mortgage payment slip in the mail, not pay it and then they
forclose, after which you proceed to nag and harass the new owners of the
house because you screwed up?