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Excellent. That did the trick! Thanks for your help. You've helped me before,
too. I truly appreciate your time and effort.

Best regards,

Dirk Goldgar wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply, Dirk. I just tried the ROund function like this,
>[quoted text clipped - 5 lines]
>> in
>> the original table is number/single.
>Interesting. When I do this with Doubles, it comes out looking pretty good,
>but not with Singles. I suspect the problems have to do with the relative
>precisions of the data types.
>Try this: forget the Round function, and modify the Format and Decimal
>Places properties of the field in the query. In query design view, click on
>the field in the grid, then press Alt+Enter or click the toolbar button to
>open the property sheet for the field. Set the Format property to "Fixed"
>and the Decimal Places property to 2. That should cause the field values to
>be displayed by the queries with two decimal places, except when the field
>has the datasheet's focus. Does that serve your needs well enough? It
>doesn't round the actual value, but causes it to display as rounded.

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