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"LondonLad" <LondonLad(a)> wrote in message
> Hi
> In each folder there are files for each track of music when the folder
> opens
> you can select what information displays,
> Name,Size,Type,Artist,Album Title etc.
> When I display a selection in the listbox I can see similar information
> which is separated by a \ I thought this was a string of the file
> information
> I get
> C;\Folder Name\Artist\Name\Type etc. is this still a file?
> This is what I am asking help for I split each part to a single line
> C:\
> Folder Name
> Artist
> Name
> Type
> If I build this back after edit to
> C:\New Folder Name\Artist\Name\Type how do I put it into the new folder?
> And if the Artist or anything is missing can I put back here?

I think it's safe to say we're talking about music files. And I'm also
guessing that by your use of "string" in previous messages, you're referring
to the "text" that Windows Explorer displays at the bottom of the window
when a music file is selected. Explorer is just gathering that information
from the file's tag or metadata. Your program's going to have to get this
information from the file. You can't get it from Windows or Explorer. MP3
tags are very easy to read. I don't know about WMA or other music file
types. Am I at least on the right track here?