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On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 20:34:34 +0100, "J.O. Aho" <user(a)>

>RodMcKay wrote:
>> On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 19:39:02 +0100, "J.O. Aho" <user(a)>
>> wrote:
>>> RodMcKay wrote:
>>>> I have Adobe Acrobat and couldn't do the usual editing of my PDFs so
>>>> went back into Windows to do the usual cleanup and adding of URL
>>>> links, etc.
>>> There are different ways you can make PDF's in Linux, the easiest is to use
>>> OpenOffice 3, with a small plugin you can edit the PDF files too (it's not
>>> 100%, it depend on hte application used to create the PDF in the first place).
>> I just made the PDF via the option to print to PDF from Firefox, as I
>> would do "normally" in Window$.
>>>> (Looks like I'll be searching for a replacement for KPDF,
>>>> too <g>. Meh, just something minor. <g>)
>>> Acrobat reader, it's still only 32bits, so if you use an 64bit installation
>>> you would need to have multilib (32bit libraries). You have also xpdf too,
>>> it's faster and lighter and don't support all the new stuff.
>> Acrobat Reader? But it just reads. I have the full Adobe Acrobat
>> which is the creator/editor, too.
>Yes, it only reads like KPDF.
>> I'd forgotten OO can create PDFs. I'll have to check that out.
>Alternatively you can use ps2pdf, command line tool which converts a printer
>spool to pdf.

<shudder> Reminds me of doing that years ago with ghost on Windows!
Thank god there's decent pdf freeware creation these days! I'm
definitely no longer into commandline, not that I ever was. It's just
that in old DOS days, not much choice. But Linux has so much GUI
alternatives going for it so it's not so bad. I didn't realize before
this weekend just how commandline it was, and glad I didn't because I
might have cowardly backed out <g>. But after dl and trying out
several more distros, found that what one does commandline, there is
something a GUI for it in the other distro. I'm definitely a GUI
person, have to admit <g>.