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"glee" <glee29(a)> wrote in message

> ...and now you continue to troll, as you have been through this entire
> thread.

Assuming you are an intelligent person, do you know what you can do?

By the way, why were you kicked out of the Society of Pigs? Is it because
you were a complete and utter useless nutter?

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On 3/21/2010 5:52 PM On a whim, glee pounded out on the keyboard

>>>>> <sheesh> You've replied to almost everyone's reply in this thread
>>>>> to
>>>>> tell them how their answer is not as good as yours, and is wrong.
>>>>> Regedit will do exactly what the user wants, one entry at a time.
>>>>> It
>>>>> is
>>>>> a perfectly valid answer. That it is less CONVENIENT than a
>>>>> third-party
>>>>> tool does not make it less correct.
>>>> Until John pipes back in and states he never knew regedit existed,
>>>> I'm
>>>> sticking with my recommendation.
>>>> You see MVP's badmouthing tools like I suggest but then lamely
>>>> suggest
>>>> regedit. And like I said to another replier, using regedit is good
>>>> IF
>>>> you're getting paid by the hour and your client doesn't realize
>>>> you're
>>>> using something that takes um-teen times longer than a tool I
>>>> suggested.
>>>> I'm pretty confident the OP knows of regedit and was looking for a
>>>> "tool" (like the subject states) that searched the entire registry
>>>> at
>>>> once AND displayed the results for ALL.
>>>> And you forgot to close your tag. Bad coding...
>> <snip useless comment...>
>>> I didn't "forget to close my tag", because there are no HTML tags in
>>> a
>>> plain-text newsgroup post, made through a newsserver, posting with a
>>> newsreader set to plain text. I don't know what newsreader you are
>>> using, that shows plain text posts as HTML...maybe you should fix
>>> your
>>> reader or your settings to display correctly?
>> You obviously don't know HOW to code HTML or you would have understood
>> my joke. Sorry you didn't get it...
> Yes I do know how to code HTML, and I wasn't coding HTML in the post, so
> I did not catch the connection you were trying to make. As I stated
> elsewhere, it was a comment, not a tag. Not that I didn't get
> just wasn't a very good joke.

It was a good joke. But one has to understand it in order to see the humor.

I'm done. Move on Glen...

Terry R.
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