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Thanks for your advice - I backed up my .pst files then held my breath as I
installed Office H&S 2007. Fantastic - Outlook 2000 still works.

"joefox" wrote:

> Sometimes when you install a newer version of Office on a computer that
> already has an existing Office application on it, it will ask if you want to
> keep the original application or not. What I would do first, before
> installing is to backup your mailbox just in case. It is ridiculous that
> Outlook isn't in Office H&S to start with, but that's another topic.
> "rwpm1000" wrote:
> > I currently use Office 2000 and use MS Outlook for my emails.
> > I have purchased Office Home & Student 2007 which doesn't incude Outlook.
> > If I load the software, will I lose use of my Outlook 2000 or will it still
> > be funtionable?
> > If I do lose it will I still be able to see my old emails or will they be
> > deleted from my PC?
> > I was thinking of transferring to Gmail, but don't think it's possible to
> > export my contact and old emails from Outlook 2000 to Gmail.
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> > Regards
> >