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Installing both flash and shockwave from macromedia will not hurt
anything,even if its already installed the download might be a newer version
of it.I'm running XP and have no problems with it.

Mike Pawlak

Casey wrote:
> Thank you for that I will check her CD
> Casey.
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>> If flash is not installed then it should be on the Windows CD if
>> indeed it comes with Windows at all - install through 'add/remove
>> new programs' and under the "multimedia" category, it should be
>> there.
>> "Casey" <casey(a)> wrote in message
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>>> Thank you for responding. I have Windows XP, and apparently after
>>> reading this site Flash player comes installed already. I had never
>>> seen it on my computer but I just did a search and found it in
>>> Windows Explorer, I'm sorry but I didn't know. However, at this
>>> site there is a link for Macromedia Shock and that took me to the
>>> download page for that, it also says that XP has problems with it.
>>> I am asking also for a friend who was unable to view animations on
>>> a web page. She has a new computer so Flash should be already
>>> installed (I think), does she need Macromedia Shock as well. I've
>>> searched my computer and I don't seem to have Shock, and I can view
>>> the site she can't view. Your advice would be appreciated.
>>> Thank You,
>>> Casey.
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>>>> Casey wrote:
>>>>> Would someone please tell me where I can download Macromedia Flash
>>>>> Player without having to install the Yahoo toolbar.
>>>>> Many thanks,
>>>>> Casey
>>>> --
>>>> Mike Pawlak