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> <entire conversation, archived>
> </entire conversation, archived>

I'm not sure I see why you posted access to the whole thread, but it does at
least show others that their words will be around for others to read for a
long time. For most of the participants of this thread, I doubt it makes a
lot of difference anyway and some might even consider it "fun" to see their
names saved that way for perpetuity, or as long as the resources continue to
carry them.

LOL; just thought of someting: There should be an equivalent to the Godwin
corrolary for mail & group postings. I wonder if anyone has come up with one
They never turn out any differently than this one and never settle
anything. The only thing that ever comes out is the opinions and ID of
several people who wish to push their own opinions onto others as factual
requirements instead of the opinions they are.

One thing interestingly absent from the discussions so far has been the
availability of advice for people to use concerning netiquette. For
newsgroups that don't have their own charters and sets of rules, FYI's and
RFC's are in place to cover those cases. So there acutally is a set of
written recommendations concerning posting on newsgroups and other places
too. I haven't looked to be sure these aren't superceded and AFAIK they are
still the most recent ones:

FYI 28: Netiquette. Based on RFC 1855, specifically section 3 covers the
one-to-many etiquette for posting to newsgroups et al. There is a section
for e-mail and other sundry methods, but 3.0 is the one that's relevant
This FYI and many more RFCs are archived at: and
you can find most any subject there that would interest you.

Silly stuff these arguements, often initiated by trollish types and
fostered/prolonged by other trollish types, most of whom know better.