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> On Mon, 18 Jan 2010 15:08:53 -0800, "Jeff Strickland"
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>>Thanks you guys. I'm a little slow on the uptick sometimes. The machine
>>specs state 16M of shared video RAM, or something to that effect. Adding
>>my confusion is that I added a pair of 512M modules and the report
>>at 496M of RAM.
>>I decided that I must have a bad module so I installed them separately.
>>was completely dead, the machine would not boot. The 256M modules both
>>booted and the memory report from the POST always reported the size of the
>>installed RAM -- the size of the modules.
>>Anyhow, the System Properties + Shared Video = the modules installed.
>>Fry's Electronics has 1 GB, PC2700, DDR-333 modules for $25 after rebate.
>>Tough deal to pass up ...
> Anyway, it's a very old PC... maybe it's time to update anything or
> buy a new one?
> What do you use it for? maybe just word processing, I think.
> Really, you need to update it.

Word processing, and Skype to Europe. I upped the RAM to 2G, minus the 16M
that the video steals.