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Hello ,

Thanks to you all for trying to help. fixmbr and the other ideas wouldn't
work. I could not access the drive. I had to disconnect the other drives. It
then tried to boot to the suspect drive. The computer ran chkdsk and booted
normally. I reconnected the other drives, rebooted and voila, no more MBR 2
message. Not sure what I did but problem solved! Thanks for trying folks.
Much appreciated.


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> there is a disk command
> called fixmbr
> the command reinstates
> the master boot record
> what you will need to do
> is to boot with an xp cd
> and access the repair/
> recovery console to
> execute the command.
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>> Hello,
>> My win xp sp 3 computer hung up during a defragmentation. Upon trying to
>> restart, I got an MBR error. It is an old dell, but I have a sata
>> controller and 2 sata drives Plus the original 80 meg drive. I can boot
>> from the 2nd SATA drive (1yr old backup). I can not access the 1st drive
>> to repair the mbr. Can anyone help?
>> Thanks,
>> Russell