From: miloshapiro on
Have looked around a lot on the net and can't find a clear answer to
something I hope is simple. I'm the webmaster (FrontPage 2003) for a small
non-profit. They asked if there were any way to put an "Add to my Outlook
Calendar" link next to new events we post.

I was able to create an .ics (iCalendar) file and add that to the site, but
when I link to it, Firefox just opens it as text and IE just puts it in an
obscure folder (C:\Documents and Settings\All
Users\Documents\iMacros\Downloads) so neither actually added it to Outlook.

I'm not loyal to doing this via an .ics file if there's a better way...what
I'm seeing out there just keep implying that that's the way to do it...but
without enough follow through for me to get it to work.

Someone on a blog said that it can be done via Outlook Online, which I'd
never heard of before, but I tried logging on to that and couldn't find any
help on it there.

Clearly, there must be a way, since i see it on sites, but this semi-novice
without a ton of technical training is stumped.

Info would be appreciated!!! Thanks so much! Milo