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On Mar 8, 3:13 pm, raz4183 <raz4...(a)> wrote:
> On exchange 2003 SP2, how do you remove the System Attendant mailbox from one
> Mailbox Store to a new Mailbox Store? I'm deleteing the first mailbox store
> and need it to be empty.

I just had to do this. I thought the SA mailbox was supposed to
recreate itself in a new mail store when you restarted the SA service
but that did not work and I had to rehome the System Attendant to a
new store. The wordpress article Mike Pfeiffer posted is the same
method I used to do that. We were having problems with the database
for that mail store so that could have been a contributing issue.

You can see any mailboxes that are still in that store in Active
Directory Users & Computers. Make sure Advanced Features is selected
and add the Exchange Mailbox Store column under the view menu. See
Method 3 in;en-us;279202