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NI-PAL service Manager has encountered a problem? 10Jan08

Yesterday I started having this error message pop up when I first boot up my computer.  I haven?t even started LabVIEW. 


Recent changes:

6Jan08 Replaced motherboard and CPU.

6Jan08 Formatted hard drive and reinstalled software(Windows XP Home Edition).  Computer working fine.

8Jan08 Installed LabVIEW 8.0 Student Edition.  LV is working fine and the message does not appear.

9Jan08 Download and install NiDAQ 8.6.1.  Reboot the system and the above error shows up.  LabVIEW works fine so far.

 Anybody have any ideas on what the problem is?  I have the screen shots of the problem but attach them.



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Hi, I have the same problem in my laptop&nbsp;XP Sp2. It'd started after I'd installed NI-VISA 4.2. I attach the error screen.
Please, Could you tell me what I have to uninstall/reinstall

error screen1.JPG: screen1.JPG
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