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Shenan Stanley wrote:
> Robert J. Stevens wrote:
>> I have set up a Mini Tower Using XP as a CD Reader/Copier.
>> I Need to Set the first CD Drive as "R:" can that be done under XP
> Now is a great time to point you to one of the easiest ways to find
> information on problems you may be having and solutions others have found:
> Search using Google!
> (How-to: )
> snipped
> As Administrator...
> Disk Management --> Right-click the drive in question from the lower half of
> the right side of the window --> Change drive letter and paths -->
> Change --> Choose the drive letter you want --> Repeat as needed.
> If that helped and/or you just want to comment - please - reply to this
> indefinitely archived posting.
That Worked. It makes it easier when copying. The original Letters were
reversed and would change when I Inserted a Disk into one of my Two
Removable Drive Slots.