From: Phil McCrackin on
On 4/2/2010 2:03 PM, William R. Walsh wrote:
> Hi!
>> Where might the settings you mention in #'s 1 and 2 (above) be
>> located?
> Setting # 1 is found by going into the Network Connections folder.
> Right click the connection whose settings you want to adjust and
> choose "Properties". From there, you will see what adapter this
> affects (the name of the adapter should give you an idea of whether it
> is wired or wireless, as Windows gives each connection a generic name,
> such as "Local Area Connection") and you will also see at the bottom
> of the box the setting for "notify me when this connection has limited
> or no connectivity".
> You can also choose whether or not to see the connection icon when you
> are connected.
> Depending upon how your start menu is set up, you may have to go into
> the Control Panel to find "Network Connections".
> Setting #2 is found by right clicking the Start button and choosing
> "Properties". On the "Taskbar" tab in the window that appears, you may
> place a checkmark in the box that says "Hide Inactive Icons". When
> enabled, this watches the icons in the system tray and hides those you
> are not regularly using.
> I have that setting turned off (because I much prefer to see all the
> icons in the system tray) so I cannot say for sure how long it takes
> for an icon there to be considered "dormant".
> William

Thank you!