From: Grant Taylor on
Sandoval wrote:
> Exactly...

Having a web site display newsgroup articles is completely different
than a running a news server.

That being said, I know that there are some FOSS web news readers out
there. (I don't run any, so I can't give any feed back.)

Grant. . . .
From: Brian Cryer on
If you want to download articles so you can then display them in a website

1. there are many websites which do this already (google groups, and others).

2. if you have any software development experience then it shouldn't be too
difficult to write your own utility to download articles and then render
them on a webpage.

But I don't see where IIS fits into all of this unless you want IIS to cache
the articles for you?
Brian Cryer

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> Exactly...
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>> On 04/15/10 08:53, Sandoval wrote:
>>> Does anyone know where I can get some sort of add on for the IIS server
>>> that will download articles from newsgroups?
>> Are you wanting to have a web site display articles from a news group, or
>> something else?
>> Grant. . . .