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Wolfgang.Draxinger wrote:

> This recommendation dates back to the days where hard disks were so
> small,
> Wolfgang

I believe this was prior to journalled filesystems as well? If you system
crashed, having multiple partitions meant possibly only losing one of them,
instead of the whole OS, after a fsck. These new-fangled journalled
filesystems work well for crash recovery, in my experience.
I usually make four partitions on a new drive. One for the whole OS, a
second identical for an installing a future release of the OS, a huge data
partition (most of the disc) and a swap partition. It has served me well
for many years, with either resierfs, xfs, or ext4 (recently). The only
recovery issues I've ever had are with the KDE, not the OS itself.

Slackware 12.2,, Core i7 920, GeForce 8400 GS
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