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Op 25-3-2010 12:20, gazzag schreef:
> On 25 Mar, 11:02, keekee<moongee...(a)> wrote:
>> I have posted on oracle but not oracle.server. I don't meant to have
>> multi posts.
>> I have a windowsXP with Oracle 10g installed and using RMAN backup.
>> I got an error as below, someone set the RMAN backup before I take
>> over this project. I am still learning how to use RMAN, but I need to
>> resolve
>> the problem. Please help.
>> ORA-19804: cannot reclaim nnnnnnnnn bytes disk space from nnnnnnnnnnnn
>> limit
>> I have a lot of free disk space, but still got an error as above.
>> The 10g version I have as below:
>> Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod
>> PL/SQL Release - Production
>> "CORE Production"
>> TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
>> NLSRTL Version - Production
>> each time I got an error as ORA-19804, then I need to manually delete
>> some backup files in FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA that is in my
>> C drive. However, I have plenty of disk space in my C drive.
> SQL> SHOW PARAMETER db_recovery_file_dest_size;
> The parameter db_recovery_file_dest_size is a limit on how much disk
> space within the FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA that Oracle will use. If you
> have the disk space, you can increase it as follows:
> SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET db_recovery_file_dest_size=<new_value>
> For example:
> SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET db_recovery_file_dest_size=20G SCOPE=BOTH;
> This will tell Oracle to use up to 20 gigabytes.
> Additionally, from the documentation:
> ORA-19804: cannot reclaim string bytes disk space from string limit
> Cause: Oracle cannot reclaim disk space of specified bytes from the
> Action: There are five possible solutions:
> 1) Take frequent backup of recovery area using RMAN.
> 2) Consider changing RMAN retention policy.
> 3) Consider changing RMAN archivelog deletion policy.
> 4) Add disk space and increase DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE.
> 5) Delete files from recovery area using RMAN.
> -g

6) Do not save the backup in the flash recovery area.