From: wolfgang kern on

BGB / cr88192 mentioned:

>>> if the HD light is always on, this may be a clue...

>> Actually, IIRC, Win7 accesses the harddisk continually by design.
>> I don't recall why. Maybe someone on a.o.d. knows.

> well, I was also thinking about XP...

I really can't understand why winXP reports more than 2GB free and
refill the swap-container with about 256 MB all the time.
Seems it tries to have a backup of the OS-core for the next
(anyway soon expected) crash available on disk.

> but, mostly I was making satire about apps which use up lots of memory,
> and then end up causing the computer to swap endlessly...
[..about code performance]

Yeah, low level optimisation makes only sense if the overall
performance is kept in mind. Loop unrolling and heavy bloat
as a reason for speed often end up in several seconds delay
caused by disk-load and pagefault swaps.

A speed/size compromise beside tiny resident code modules
is my way for faster Apps and OS-functions.

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