From: Gareth on
I have read many posts on this issue with no real resolution. I have a
work-around which might help.

1. Download and install Microsoft Personal Folders Backup Tool from:

2. Under the options for this tool ask to be reminded to backup every day
3. Do not close down Microsoft Outlook until you are ready to log off and
shut down your PC i.e. keep it open whilst you are working on your PC
4. Before final shut down ensure you back up using the above tool before
exiting Outlook and shutting down. You can do this as a result of the
message automatically produced for you to backup or force a backup by
clicking on Backup from the File drop down menu in Outlook.

It is very important you perform the backup before you close down as this
seems to be the trigger that stops the issue which we are all concerned about.

Having followed this procedure each time the message has not come back for
me. It also has the advantage of creating a backup of your Outlook on a
daily basis.

Hope it helps.


"ChecMark" wrote:

> Same issue with Outlook 2003. I am using Outlook Connector to retrieve my
> hotmail. When I shut down the computer I receive an "end process" prompt for
> Outlook. When I reboot and start Outlook I always get the "data file not
> closed properly" message. I am extremely worried that one day my file will
> not come back.