From: Richard Sparks on
I have a moderate-size Outlook.pst file on my computer. It's about 250 MB.
I periodically try to compact the file under Windows 7. When I do this, I
often get a message come up on the screen that the program is not responding,
then it "resets" and appears to keep working. But sometimes, it will not
finish at all, and I simply have to abort the process.

I have tried running Scanpst.exe on my Outlook.pst file. Scanpst will
consistenly show that it found errors in the file, and I let it fix those
errors that it found. But then when I go back into Outlook 2007 and try to
"Compact Now" again, I run into the same problems.

I cannot believe that I am the only user to have observed this difficulty.
My system seemed to perform fine under my predessessor operating system,
Windows Visa. I have only seen this since I upgraded to Windows 7.

Anybody have any ideas?