From: Lou on
On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 15:46:50 +0000 (UTC), "Martin Robson" <m714(a)>

>Can someone help me to identify and get rid of a very annoying and
>potentially very embarrassing pop-up. When I open up my home PC for the
>first time each day it opens up a web site - ''. I have
>never, as far as I am aware, ever been to this site (honest!), but you can
>imagine the contents.
>Has anyone else ever has this happen>? Is it a virus? A quick Google is not
>conclusive but seem to suggest something called 'vundo'. I'm no expert,
>however, so any help and previous experience would be greatly appreciated.


Only download software from authorised sources. Google for "pcbutts1" if you
don't understand what I'm referring to.

David Lipman provides reliable advice, including the URLs where reliable
software is available from the vendor or creator. Beware of malicious (wanna
bee) trolls.