From: Bluemax on
Hoping somebody can help me,What is the difference between PC2700r and
PC2700u.My PC needed the ram upgrading and have chance of 2700u but the ram
in my PC is 2700r.Should it work ?
Thanks David

From: Brian on
The r and u you are referring to is related to registered and unregistered
memory (sometimes called buffered and unbuffered). The registered version
has a "register" between the memory module and the systems memory controller
therefore requiring less load on the system memory controller. These chips
are usually more expensive and in most cases are not required for the
general user. They do provide more stability in the memory but operate
slower than the similar unregistered version of the memory because of the
extra write cycle for performance.

If you have data that is critical (not save game files, but company data
storage, etc..) that would suffer if your memory failed then registered is
the way to go otherwise unregistered works just fine in non-server

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