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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Image_Transform-0.9.3 (alpha) Released.
The new PEAR package Image_Transform-0.9.3 (alpha) has been released at Release notes ------------- QA Release - Fixed Bug #8573 This way we can retrieve the new_y and new_x with getNewImageWidth and getNewImageHeight [davidc] - Fixed Bug #8607 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: loa... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
how to install auth_http
Dear Sir, I have download and installed apache,mysql through XAMPP .Pear is automatically installed .Now I want Auth_http package.I donot have package manager,so how can I install autth_http package,please guide me. ANIL KUMAR anil47kumar(a) 3 Sep 2009 05:52
Hello, I am very new to PEAR but enjoying the ease of it all, I have been trying to use the above package and having difficulties, I have added the code below that I am trying to use; <?php // Include HTML_QuickForm require_once 'HTML/QuickForm2.php'; // Instantiate our form, call... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
PHP_CodeSniffer-1.2.0RC3 (beta) Released.
PEAR Announce a �crit : The new PEAR package PHP_CodeSniffer-1.2.0RC3 (beta) has been released at Release notes ------------- - You can now use @codingStandardsIgnoreStart and @...End comments to suppress error messages (feature request #14002) - A warning is now included for fi... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
This is a BUG
someone here may assist please ? ... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
Services_JSON install failure
Hi, I'm trying to install a package and it's failing... any clues as to why? sh-3.2# pear install Services_JSON Failed to download pear/Services_JSON within preferred state "stable", latest release is version 0.9.0, stability "beta", use "channel://" to install Cannot initi... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
Class 'PEAR' not found in Socket.php on line 35
I am trying to send an e-mail via SMTP, but I get the following error: PHP Fatal error: Class 'PEAR' not found in C:\\Program Files\\PHP\\PEAR\\Net\\Socket.php on line 35 Any ideas? Thanks! ... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
[ANNOUNCEMENT] HTTP_Request2-0.4.0 (alpha) Released.
The new PEAR package HTTP_Request2-0.4.0 (alpha) has been released at Release notes ------------- * Added 'store_body' config parameter, if set to false it will prevent storing the response body in Response object (request #15881) * HTTP_Request2::setHeader() method now works as documente... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
Mail_Queue Memory Usage/DB Connection
We are running Mail_Queue in an application using System_Deamon. In other deamons that we run we have found out that they do not die if we regularly recycle our mysql database connections. We tried to do this with Mail_Queue by randomly creating a new object every 1 to 3 seconds. $mail_queue =& new Mail_Queue... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
[QuickForm] - Setting template for one radio button
Let’s say I have a series of radios: QUICK FORM CODE: $form = new HTML_QuickForm( ‘tes’t ); $form->addElement( ‘radio’, ‘varName’, ‘Option 1’ ); $form->addElement( ‘radio’, ‘varName’, ‘Option 2’ ); $form->addElement( ‘radio’, ‘varName’, ‘Option 3’ ); Let’s say I wanted to change the template for the middl... 3 Sep 2009 05:52
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