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Pear install error: Undefined class name 'pear' in c:\PHP\PEAR\go-pear.phpon line 747
Seems it is having issues with finding stuff - maybe paths ? Check your Environment variables and delete any in there that are for the OLD pear path. Other than that I have never had any issues with installing PEAR from a totally clean install on my XP. l Burnerheimerton wrote: Here's the complete out... 15 Oct 2006 00:08
DB_DataObject_FormBuilder and crossLinkExtraFields
Hi, I'm using DB_DO_FB for a conference management system which includes four tables: conference_session conference_time_slots conference_venues conference_session_time_slot The final table, conference_session_time_slot, connects a session with a time slot and a venue, and I have my conference_session... 23 Sep 2006 20:07
Pear::Soap PHP 4 and header madness
Hello, I think I just need a fresh pair of eyes looking at this. Goal: Talk to the Yahoo EWS Sandbox and make it add a campaign. Problem: The headers don't seem to be correctly formed down the wire. The EWS API says I need to send the following as part of the soap headers. <code> $header = array( "use... 24 Aug 2006 01:51
Pear upgrade Pear
hello again, i try to update pear. It is a very old version: 1.3.2 I try it so: pear upgrade pear downloading PEAR-1.4.9.tgz ... Starting to download PEAR-1.4.9.tgz (283,443 bytes) ..............................done: 283,443 bytes requires package `PEAR' >= 1.3.3 PEAR: Dependencies failed also wi... 17 May 2006 16:01
Pear Mail Problem
Hi, I¹m trying to use pear mail on os x server 10.3 and I keep getting :Unable to find class for driver smtp in the error log altough I made sour that both Net_SMTP and Net_Socket are installed, any idea? ... 23 Feb 2006 10:40
Cannot redeclare class in PEAR Packages with Zend Debugger
Hello Guys, I want to debug my application using Zend Studio debugger in server mode. When i try to debug a page using Zend Firefox extension (or debug URL in Zend Studio itself) i got an: Cannot redeclare class pear_config in C:\php\PEAR\PEAR\Config.php on line 2052 after disabling this require_once, anot... 1 Feb 2006 10:53
I'm trying to create a SOAP Client which attached a DIME attachment. This is using pear::soap 0.9.1, Mail_Mime 1.3.1 & Net_DIME 0.3 installed Problem is that the attachment does not get attached.. The call does get placed and the other parameters are processed. Can anyone point me to wh\at I'm missing cuz I'm stu... 2 Oct 2005 17:32
Need Help with Auth_Radius
Hello all, I am running 5.0.3. I have the pecl radius extension installed and also have crypt_chap installed. When trying to use auth_radius, I get this error: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function radius_auth_open() in /usr/local/lib/php/Auth/RADIUS.php on line 579 I checked that file and there i... 7 Mar 2005 01:28
Trouble installing PEAR on Windows
Hello, I am in dire need of help. I just bought the book:Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL by Hugh E. Williams and David Lane and I have meticulously followed the instructions in the back of book. I have installed the PEAR package HTML_Template_IT in C:\progra~1\easyph~1\php\pear\pear.bat and I have edi... 3 Mar 2005 14:20
redeclaring _pear_call_destructors() when I require_once('DB.php')
Hallo -- I have a problem trying to use PEAR::DB. When I include it in my script and then try to connect with it, I get the following error: Compile Error: PEAR.php line 769 - Cannot redeclare _pear_call_destructors() (previously declared in C:\php\PEAR\PEAR.php:736) Stepping through the code, I can see that ... 3 Mar 2005 12:41
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