From: Grant. on
I have been working of a PP presentation (in Office 2003) for a number of
days. Today when I opened the document all of the images and embedded excel
worksheets have turned into boxes with red crosses on them.

If I double click on the red crosses that I know are the embedded worksheets
then the worksheet opens in Excel with all my data displayed correctly. This
shows that the correct data is in the file. However when I click outside the
worksheet (i.e. back on the slide) the worksheet is shown in huge scale (i.e.
just a few cells is as big as the slide). I then reduce the size of the
worksheet image to fit on the slide and go on to the next one.

I also deleted a couple of the images that had turned into red-crosses and
then re-inserted the original JPG images.

Doing this I can get the presentation back to a state where I can see the
images and worksheet tables. However if I save and then re-open I am back
where I started with every worksheet and image shown as a box with red cross.

If I try to copy and paste the images or worksheets into a new presentation
I just get a red cross being pasted.

I have no problem with other presentations I am viewing, just this one.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this problem?