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"Gordon" wrote...
> "Toni" wrote...
>> My Windows XP Pro SP3 laptop has Microsoft Office XP SP3.
>> This morning when attempting to download my email, Outlook 2002 shocked me with a
>> message "outlook4.pst has reached it's maximum size". My PST file has reached 1.9G.
>> A search has only shown me fixes for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.
>> PLEASE, can anyone tell me if there is a fix or a tweak that will let Outlook 2002
>> SP3 grow the size of my PST file??? I am shut down until this is fixed!
> Nope - there IS no "fix" to allow the pst file to grow. Outlook 2002 and prior use the
> old ANSI format pst file which is limited to a theoretical size of 2GB but in practice
> is lower - as you have found out.
> If you can open Outlook, create a new pst file and move some (a lot!) of data into it.
> Compact the original pst file when you've done that.

That's what I had to do - created a new PST and moved 500M of messages to the new PST. I
then compacted the original PST to reclaim the space. Entire operation took over two
hours with a 1.6GHz/Duo, but it's done.

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On 3/22/2010 1:27 PM, Rebelsmom wrote:
>> I wish that this post had been here on Friday, the 19th. I've lost all of my Outlook and attempted to move the messages to a new pst folder to no avail. I do still have some archived items from 2007, but nothing newer. I've attempted a data recovery, but don't think that I was able to salvage anything. I does appear that I have my contacts, but because the file they are related to is gone, I can't open the folder. Do I need to add a new one or remove the address book as directed by the Help directions in Microsoft Office Help? If there are any suggestions or ideas on recovering my pst, I would be grateful I'm working with XP SP3 , but maybe not for long.

Please create a new thread and describe your problem.

We need to know your Outlook version including service pack level,
Windows version, and what is your current antivirus solution.

Your data is probably fine.

By "Contacts" you are probably referring to the fact that your
autocomplete feature still works.

Anyway, create a new thread and we'll talk there.
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