From: David Marcovitz on
On 4/26/10 2:52 PM, lizsantiago wrote:
> I finally found something that makes the effect i was looking and i wanted to posted here just in case anyone else might need it.
> Sub RndSpin(oShp as Shape)
> Dim t As Single
> t = Timer + (Rnd * 4) + 1
> Do Until Timer> t
> oShp.Rotation = oShp.Rotation + 5
> DoEvents
> Loop
> End Sub
> thanks everyone for your help!!!!;>
> ---
> frmsrcurl:

That's great. It limits the time of rotation instead of the number of
rotations. However, it is mostly the same idea as what we did. I'm
surprised that the screen refreshes to show the rotation. But if it
works, I'm not going to argue with it.

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