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Hi, Kabiraaa,

Dos is just an older name of Command prompt,
On the start menu, all programs, click Accessories and click CMD.EXE
(command prompt), then type CD\ and hit enter to drop you into the root
Then just type Date or Time and hit enter.
This has been used since Windows first started many years ago.
Another way is to boot into the BIOS to make changes.

Have fun,

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> Yeah I have tried via Control Pannel, but its the same thing!
> But I didn't get the dos thing. I dont know how does it work. Could you
> please guide me on how to use it?
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Hey thanks everyone for helping and thanks for explaining the dos
programm. Sorry couldn't wait for the reply yesterday and downloaded AVG
anti-virus. It worked!! It cleared some malware programmes and now I can
change the date and time and also open task manager. :D

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