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I am running MS Virtual PC v5.3.582.27 on a Windows XP Pro SP3 system.
On the virtual PC, I am running a second instance of Windows XP Pro SP3.
I use this to test new software installations, because if something goes
wrong the consequences are minimal.

I use file sharing between these two systems, and frequently copy a
setup file from one system to the other. Occasionally when I try to do
this, a file won't copy and I get this error message: "Cannot copy file
so-and-so: Access is denied. Make sure the disc is not full or write
protected and that the file is not currently in use."

I am seeing this today with some files I downloaded from Adobe. Some of
them copied with no problem, while others give me the error message.
Additionally, in the explorer window on the main system the file icons
for the files that won't copy appear blank, while the icons for the
files that will copy appear normal. An explorer window on the virtual
system where the files are resident displays all icons normally. I have
re-booted the virtual system and there is no reason why the files would
be in use. There is no problem with disc capacity or write protection.
Why won't these files copy and how do I fix this? Thanks!

Please reply in this newsgroup. I never post my true
email address to prevent spam. Thank you.
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