From: Thomas Weiler on

we have an old web application in DotNet 1, which uses some dll`s that
are not available by default. So the developer of this application
created a setup routine which installs the needed files. This works fine
on IIS5 and 6. The installation routine installs itself in a virtual
directory. Here`s the Dialog (translated from german)(the controls shown
on the mask here in XML Tags):

-------------- snip --------------------

DLLInstaller will be installed in the following virtual directory.

Please click on "next" to install in this virtual directory. To install
in a different virtuell directory please type in the new name.

Virtual Directory:
<textbox>DLLInstaller</textbox><button>needed space</button>


-------------- snap --------------------

As mentioned when I click next on a Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6 the
next Dialog prompts and everything goes on normal.

Now we have a new 2008 server with IIS7. Here the following message
appears (also translated from german):

-------------- snip ---------------------

The given Path "http://webserver/DLLInstaller" is not available. The
Internet Information Server may not running or the path is available and
is redirected to another computer. Please proof the status of the
Virtual Directory in the Internet Service Manager.

-------------- snap ---------------------

This message appears regardless if I create the Directory or not (the
older ones created it within the installation).

I suspect there are changes in IIS7 with the security or connection
settings which causes this problem.

Can someone give me a tip how I can configure the IIS7 so that it acts
like the good old ones?

Thank`s for all answers