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> I right clicked on a WordPad icon and selected Run as... The box
> by "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program
> activity" was checked, so I unchecked it and hit OK hoping that
> would change things back. But I can't find out whether it would
> or not because something keep checking the box again...every time
> I uncheck it and close the window, when I open it again it's
> checked again. So now what???

you need to do what I said last time and report results.
Does it work in 'paint' ?
open notepad type some characters and SAVE AS abc.mmm
now double-click that file. (abd.mmm)
the computer will prompt you for a program to use to open
that file because it has no info on the filetype " mmm".
Browse and select Wordpad as the program to use.
Next time you double-click the file ( or ANY file ending in mmm) it will
open wordpad.
Now oaste your picture in there. - call in xyz.mmm
double-click cyz.mmm - wordpad open? , picture Ok ?
if THAT works then your problem is the file type association.
If not, then probably HOW you're doing it / picture properties etc
Can't choose which until previous steps followed.

In the title here you said "all of a sudden"
drop back and reread earlier messages - look into those things you

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