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I replaced two problematic Promise ATA controllers with Adaptec
ASH-1233 controllers, hoping to avoid the glitches inherent to Promise
(Promise tech support calls these 'cosmetic errors').

Unfortunately, I've had a different set of problems with the Adaptec.
It uses Silicon Image chipset, and appears to be a rebranded Asian doubt from Silicon Image PC artwork.

Problems range from machine lockups when DiskCheckup (Passmark) is
run, to reported errors by Acronis restore CD. In all cases, the
problem disappears when the Adaptec board is pulled.

Motherboard ATA adapters have no problems when the same drives are
plugged in. Unfortunately I have too many drives.

Q1: Has anyone else even used this Adaptec controller? I've looked
for info, but haven't found much of anything. If so, are there fixes?

Q2: Who makes a reliable straight ATA adapter if not Promise and not