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Fast GUI pipemeter: gprog
On Mar 4, 1:15 pm, pk <p...(a)pk.invalid> wrote: Dan Stromberg wrote: In case you're interested, I've put a fast GUI pipemeter (measures how fast data is moving through a pipe or redirect and gives two estimates of time-to-completion - one based on the entire transfer so far, and one based on a use... 6 Mar 2010 04:14
highlight words by regex in pdf files using python
I don't find a general pdf library in python that can do any operations on pdfs. I want to automatically highlight certain words (using regex) in a pdf. Could somebody let me know if there is a tool to do so in python? ... 18 Mar 2010 16:37
ANNOUNCE: Exscript 2.0
Introduction ------------- Exscript is a Python module and template processor for automating Telnet or SSH sessions. Exscript supports a wide range of features, such as parallelization, AAA authentication methods, TACACS, and a very simple template language. Please refer to the project page for updated documentat... 4 Mar 2010 15:47
loop over list and process into groups
[ {'vlan_or_intf': 'VLAN2021'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Interface'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Po1'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Po306'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'VLAN2022'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Interface'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Gi7/33'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Po1'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'Po306'}, {'vlan_or_intf': 'VLAN2051'}, {'vlan_or_intf... 5 Mar 2010 12:47
15541 - Best, Cheapest Web-Hosting, Domain at $1.99!
World's Cheapest Rate Hosting, 99.9% Uptime US Based Dedicated Server, Fast Customer Service Register Domain only at $1.99 per Year 3 Month Hosting Free with 1 year Package ... 4 Mar 2010 07:49
WANTED: A good name for the pair (args, kwargs)
Hi We can call a function fn using val = fn(*args, **kwargs) I'm looking for a good name for the pair (args, kwargs). Any suggestions? Here's my use case: def doit(fn , wibble, expect): args, kwargs = wibble actual = fn(*args, **kwargs) if actual != expect: ... 5 Mar 2010 10:31
Partly erratic wrong behaviour, Python 3, lxml
Dear group, I am observing weird semi-erratic behaviour that involves Python 3 and lxml, is extremely sensitive to changes in the input data, and only occurs when I name a partial result. I would like some help with this, please. (Python 3.1.1; GNU/Linux; how do I find lxml version?) The test script regress/Tr... 5 Mar 2010 10:31
Don't work __getattr__ with __add__
It is object of the class A, in conteiner's class tmpA. Not all method from A are in the tmpA. So for exapmle: A + B -- yes , tmpA + B no. I try to call method from A for tmpA. I can to call simple method, such as change(), bit __add__ - don't work. If to remove inheritance from object, the code work's. Help me, ... 4 Mar 2010 04:29
Failure in and
I am building Python 2.6.4 on a shared server and am encountering test failures in and, specifically concerning sha512. I recompiled Python with --with-pydebug and CLFAGS=CPPFLAGS="- g" and ran the tests in GDB and got the following results: ------------------------------------------... 5 Mar 2010 11:39
Passing FILE * types using ctypes
Hello, I'm using ctypes to wrap a library i wrote. I am trying to pass it a FILE *pointer, how do i open a file in Python and convert it to a FILE *pointer. Or do i have to call the C library using ctypes first, get the pointer and then pass it to my function. Also, is there any automated way to convert c struct ... 10 Mar 2010 17:33
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