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Understanding the CPython dict implementation
I found this PyCon2010 presentation to be excellent: The Mighty Dictionary, Branden Craig Rhodes, 30 min. Even knowing Python for over a decade, I learned a few things. Terry Jan Reedy ... 18 Mar 2010 02:39
Python unicode and Windows cmd.exe
Hi, I would appreciate if someone could point out what am I doing wrong here. Basically, I need to save a string containing non-ascii characters to a file encoded in utf-8. If I stay in python, everything seems to work fine, but the moment I try to read the file with another Windows program, everything goes... 14 Mar 2010 20:59
sqlite3 is sqlite 2?
gandalf(a)ubuntu:~$ python Python 2.6.2 (release26-maint, Apr 19 2009, 01:56:41) [GCC 4.3.3] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. import sqlite3 sqlite3.version '2.4.1' Is it possible to install a real sqlite version 3 somehow? I really need it because I ha... 14 Mar 2010 16:31
problem with variable and function
Hi all, I have a file with a dictionary and a function. The dictionary holds the name of the function, and the function references the dictionary. If I put the dictionary first, the function is happy but the dictionary says the function is not defined. If I switch the two and put the function first, the function s... 14 Mar 2010 16:31
What does Error: 'module' object is not callable Mean?
The below code produces the error as indicated. But, in E:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\ffnet\tools I see: drawffnet.pyc drawffnet.pyo Is that what it is looking for? I'm not sure what "not callable" means. Could it be referencing to "nn" rather than drawffnet? What should I do to in... 14 Mar 2010 19:52
Is it possible to use re2 from Python?
i just discovered, a promising library that uses a long-neglected way (Thompson NFA) to implement a regular expression engine that can be orders of magnitudes faster than the available engines of awk, Perl, or Python. so i downloaded the code and did the usual sudo make install thin... 25 Mar 2010 05:44
Function that knows its argument's variable name
I want to write function that prints a value of a variable, for debugging. Like: with myVariable = "parrot" otherVariable = "dead" probe(myVariable) probe(otherVariable) instead of the longer print "myVariable = ", myVariable print "otherVariable = ", otherVariable Is that even possible? The f... 17 Mar 2010 10:11
"Breaking" the __main__ script
Hello, I am still learning python, thus developnig small scripts. Some of them consist only of the main module. While testing them (debugging) I sometimes want to stop the script at a certain point, with something like stop, break, end or something similar. What statement can I use? Vicente Soler ... 15 Mar 2010 15:48
Hello, Recenetly we are developing a senior project and decide to use xmlrpclib. However I have some questions. In the documentation I could not find any clue about handling requests? Does the server handles each request in a separate thread? Or is there some queuing mechanism for client calls? Thanks in adva... 29 Mar 2010 22:30
Feeding differeent data types to a class instance?
Hi I have couple classes in the form of class Vector: def __init__(self,x,y,z): self.x=x self.y=y self.z=z This works fine for me. However I want to be able to provide a list, tuple as well as individual arguments like below myvec=Vector(1,2,3) This works well However I also want to... 18 Mar 2010 10:29
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