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sum for sequences?
Is there a sequence-oriented equivalent to the sum built-in? E.g.: seq_sum(((1, 2), (5, 6))) --> (1, 2) + (5, 6) --> (1, 2, 5, 6) ? (By "sequence" I'm referring primarily to lists and tuples, and excluding strings, since for these there is ''.join()). TIA! ~K ... 6 Apr 2010 11:53
Advice needed on parallel processing in python
Hi! I need to replace an app that does number crunching over a local network. it have about 50 computers as slaves each computer needs to run COM that will do the "job" right now the system uses MFC threads and DCOM to distribute the load. as i said, Now i'm trying to replace this system with python. I alrea... 25 Mar 2010 10:15
C-API: Extract information from function object
Hi, I have a reference to a function and would like to know how to extract information from a function object. Information I am looking for: line and file where this function is from. PyObject_Call can do this to when I call a function object and something failed so these information are written to the trac... 25 Mar 2010 04:37
Sniffing encoding type by looking at file BOM header
I assume there's no standard library function that wraps to sniff a file's BOM header and open the file with the appropriate encoding? My reading of the docs leads me to believe that there are 5 types of possible BOM headers with multiple names (synoymns?) for the same BOM encoding type. BOM ... 25 Mar 2010 19:43
crypto: verify external pkcs7 signature
Hi, some black box system gives me secKey.pkcs7 signature and a data file. The signature should be correct, but it fails. On newer system I get this: M2Crypto.SMIME.PKCS7_Error: digest failure on older systems (openssl-0.9.8h-28.10.1) I get PKCS7 routines:PKCS7_verify:signature failure:pk7_smime.c:312 On... 24 Mar 2010 11:09
ANN: eGenix mxODBC Zope Database Adapter 2.0.0
________________________________________________________________________ ANNOUNCEMENT mxODBC Zope Database Adapter Version 2.0.0 for Zope and the Plone CMS Available for Zope 2.12 and later on Windows, Linux, Mac... 24 Mar 2010 08:50
exiting threaded program?
Hi all, I have a program with a timer in it, therefore I have multiple threads. My method of exiting by using "user32.PostQuitMessage (0)" no longer seems to be doing the job since I added the timer. What else do I have to do to close my program? I say it is not closing because, before, I would be returned to a pr... 24 Mar 2010 07:41
Where can i reference the "regular expressions"
On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:07 AM, John Smithury <joho.smithury(a)> wrote: Dear pythoners, I'm a new member to studay the python, i wan't to studay the "regular expressions" handle like below: ==============source============ <line>the</line> <line>is</line> <line>name</line> =======... 24 Mar 2010 06:34
'gcc' failed with exit status 1
Hello All, I was hoping I could get some help with this issue with getting Cython to work. Earlier I had an issue that said "unable to find vcvarsall.bat" and it turns out there is an active bug report that covers that issue (I have a 64 bit windows system). I still hadn't installed 3.1.2, so I did that tonight ... 24 Mar 2010 03:18
Advice Criticism on Python App
On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Jimbo <nilly16(a)> wrote: I have made a Python App(really script) that will check a stocks current values from a website & save that data to a SQLite 3 database. I am looking for any suggestions & criticisms on what I should do better or anything at all but mainly ... 27 Mar 2010 01:09
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